Mission Statement

The mission of the Norm Van Lier Scholarship Fund is to reflect the values of its namesake with an emphasis on education, truth, courage, hard work, teamwork, inclusion of and opportunity for all, the importance of maintaining one's positive attitude and belief in one's abilities to accomplish anything in life, no matter what the past circumstance.

The Fund will select worthy students exclusively from the West Side and South Side neighborhoods of Chicago and assist them financially and in other ways to be able to continue their education. To be considered, students must have demonstrated a desire to succeed, despite personal or familial issues.

We may identify students in high school and/or those younger than high school age who are considered "at-risk" who would benefit from assistance in the form of financial or other forms of aid. For example, perhaps a student needs funds to participate in an after-school program. We would help them be able to participate.

Our goal is to make chosen students aware that they are valued and important and that there are no limits to what they can achieve in their lives.

It is hoped that in some small way the Fund can have a positive impact in these West Side and South Side Chicago neighborhoods. Those students who receive benefit from the Fund will be encouraged to find ways to give back to their neighborhoods and encourage others to live by the same principles that were so fundamentally important to Norm.